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Do you know how many people visit each day?

Is your site showing up for local searches or mobile devices?

Is your website living up to its potential?


Malloc Hosting offers quality, safe, Google friendly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help promote your website. There are many facets to SEO which include on-page and on-site optimization as well as offsite promotion.

On-page. Each page’s content is your opportunity to let Google know what you web page is about. The proper use of keywords, headlines, bullet points, emphasis, images and content length (among other factors) influence what Google thinks of your page’s quality and subject. While Google is very smart, search results are still computer generated and helping that algorithm understand what your content is all about is crucial.

Writing content that makes sense for you site and your visitors is the first priority. On-page SEO is the process of tuning it so that it also works for Google.

On-site. On-site SEO is about how your website is linked together and goes hand-in-hand with on-page SEO. When your site is organized into topics and sub-topics with in-context linking it further explains to Google what your site is about and what the most important pages are.

Off-site. Off site SEO is about promoting your website. There is a very clear line between what Google considers right and wrong. Cross that line and you risk having you site deindexed from its search results.

Fortunately there are many ways to promote your site that do not violate Google’s guidelines including creating promotional videos, building social media channels, curated content, press releases, news publishing, directories and many other opportunities.

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