Intiial Setup and Analysis

If your site is up and running but you are not getting as many visitors, leads or sales as you would like, an in-depth analysis of the site’s current status is the ideal starting point to make improvements. There are many reasons why a site is not receiving as much traffic as it could or achieving its potential.

In about two weeks time we will give you a report with concrete steps that can be taken to make improvements and unravel some of the mystery of why your site is not performing as well as it could.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin

Successful website promotion campaigns begin with goods planning and research. There are many ways to promote a site but without the proper analysis it is usually difficult to pick an efficient and effective approach. With small business there are usally many factors that must be considered to form a realistic plan.

Malloc Hosting Uses a Three Step Approach

1. Data Collection

Initial data collection involves setting up Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. These tools will continue to benefit your site for year to come and having them properly configured is a long-term investment in your site’s well being as well as providing us with the crucial information that we need to being our analysis.

Once these initial tools are setup resulting data is transferred to a set of specialized systems which further analyze and track the search engine performance of you site.

2. Analysis

After about a week of collecting data we evaluate the different available approaches that could be used to improve the site’s performance. While staying practical considerations we will determine the most cost effective way or combination of methods to achieve the best results. We will always be sensitive to budget but our bottom line is return on investment.

3. Promotion Report

Finally we will produce a report with actionable steps that can realistically be taken to improve your website’s results. Our recommendations will generally include on-site optimization, social engagement, the potential for paid advertisement, and other methods of increasing your site’s reach across the web. We will also include a budget with cost saving or stepped implementation options.

For most website owners the performance of their site is a mystery. Take control and let us form a plan for success.

$99 with a promotion proposal submitted in 2-3 weeks.