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Home IconAt Malloc Hosting we believe in providing the highest quality hosting environment and personal attention to ensure that your website represents you and your interests well. Our specialty is optimizing and maintaining WordPress websites but we can also support any type of website. We take care of the technical details for you including transferring your existing website or setting up a brand new one.

A hosting account is where your website lives and like all homes it needs care and maintenance to be enjoyable for visitors, a safe environment and last over the years. Our managed services mean that your site will run at its best, stay secure and endure the test of time. Every good home also needs a solid foundation and for a website, this means reliable servers and an experienced staff to keep them running properly. We have selected servers located in world-class data centers that have proven over the years to be the most reliable in their class.

Since 2008 we have helped dozens of small businesses, charitable organizations and artists make the most of their web presence. We have also helped recover hacked websites, cleaned up work by left unfinished by unreliable web developers and provided guidance to many others.

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Web Hosting
Enterprise grade hosting with plans to suit any budget. Our plans are tailored to provide you with the resources and tools you needs for a successful site. From full management to self-service we are here for you. Learn more.

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WordPress Management
If you already have a web host that you are happy with, you can still sign up for our WordPress Management as a stand-along service. Learn more.

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Web Design
Malloc Hosting works with several web designers to provide professional results at reasonable rates. Please contact us for more information

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Hack Recovery
Has your website been defaced, hacked, overrun by spam or labeled as malware? Contact us for help. We can often restore sites for you at very reasonable rates.

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